Aviation Interfaith Ministry

About Us

Aviation Interfaith Ministry

Is a society formed out of felt need for passengers and aviation employees. It operates with a board of directors and members. It is a non-profit organization and its main focus is placing or providing Chaplains at the Airport.

Our Purpose

Aviation Interfaith Ministries (AIM) was formed in 1986 in response to a real need at airports. Many employees noted the difficulties faced by travellers and fellow employees and recognized the benefits of having a chapel and Chaplains available at the airport. They approached Transport Canada for a place and were instructed to form a society responsible for managing such a facility. AIM's purpose is to provide chaplaincy services at the airport. The AIM board of directors consists of members employed in aviation-related occupations.

Aviation Chaplaincy

Our focus is different than that of the local church but our mission is the same. Our motto is "Going to the People "; our objective is transformation. The Bible states "from darkness to light". We plan to assist individuals to become productive citizens of both heaven and earth. While the church establishes in the rural and urban communities, we have a "Marketplace" focus. Meeting and greeting people at the marketplace.

We are a group of Chaplains who care about our community. We are involved in many aspects of ministry to people and families. It is always difficult to focus your abilities on a select group of people you can connect with in a beneficial way. You will appreciate that without focus and effort you never hit anything. While we possess a diverse and very resourceful collection of talents and abilities, we have been led or in Christian terms CALLED to serve the Lord in the aviation community. Care and support for the aviation community-yes, that is what we are about. We may choose to deploy our talents in other areas but our community takes precedence.

Out of Control?