Welcome to the Calgary International Airport Chapel!

The Calgary International Airport Chapel is a faith based chapel and so the sign on our door reads "House of PRAYER for ALL People." The intended use of the chapel is for prayer, reflection, meditation and spiritual counselling. Our chapel is multi-faith based and people of all faiths are encouraged to spend time with their God and/or nourishing their spiritual self. Airplane

In the spirit of love and acceptance, I realize the delicate balance we have as a multi-faith chapel. I am the Senior Airport Chaplain and possess a firm faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore, I am a Christian Chaplain who, under the obedience and instruction of Jesus Christ, have love for all people of all races, colours and creeds. Myself and the chapel team would like to extend a warm invitation and encourage all who use the chapel to spend time in prayer, reading, meditating, and reflection.

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